Hi. I’m Mark Frobose…

Also known as the “Language Guy®”. I’m also the “Language Music Guy®” because I sing and play songs about foreign lands where I have traveled and studied, and I often sing in Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese in addition to English.

I have a great website at and a free Language Guy® channel on Youtube where you can learn many foreign languages for free. You may have used one of my bestselling foreign language programs on If you haven’t, I invite you to go to now and type “Mark Frobose” in the search bar to get free language program samples in Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, English for Spanish Speakers, and German.

Now, on to the MUSIC…

I have played folk clubs in London back in the 70’s like Grannies and the Crypt, to name a few. I have played extensively in the Balearic Islands of Spain at the “Centro de la Guitarra Española” and the “Fiera Mosca” in Palma de Mallorca as well as clubs in Torremolinos.

I have given serenades in Quito, Ecuador and was the top musician at “La Cheminée” on Cours Jean-Jaures in Grenoble, France back in the 70’s. I even did extensive “busking” in the “Metro” of Paris and the “Tube” in London. Since then I have played and sung my way through Chicago at Bay Street near Rush and Oak Streets and at the old Ground Rounds all over the Midwest.

I continue to write my original music and sing and play guitar everywhere I go and every chance I get. I hope you enjoy listening to me and my songs. They are written with you and your “romantic inner traveler and language learner” in mind.